College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Athletics have always been a big part of the college experience. College recruiters travel all over the country to get the best athletes for their schools. It is any athletes dream to play college sports. Often times students dedicate their lives putting in the hard work and training that is required to get to the college level. Their time and dedication is often paid off with the chance to play sports in college. Getting the opportunity to participate in college sports is one thing. Getting paid to do so is another. It is no secret that college athletics bring in the big bucks. The two sports that bring in the most revenue are football and basketball. If football and basketball are the sports that bring in the most money, they will most likely be the only sports to get paid. There are many factors that go into determining if college athletes should be paid. There are also many reasons why the NCAA and universities should not decide this. One factor that would go into if college athletes should get paid would be, only paying certain sports. Football generates millions of dollars every year. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to stadiums around the country to support college football teams. The more tickets and merchandise the universities sells, the more profit they make. If football constantly outsells all of the other sports, then they will never get the chance at a salary. These athletic teams are the two sports that bring in major revenue. Because of the major

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