High School Dropout Is Not Synonymous With Being A Failure

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Question One: My role is a high school dropout; I couldn’t finish high school and I am now facing the harsh consequences of doing so. Although the rate of high school drop outs has declined in recent years, Professional School Counseling claims that 7% of high school students continue to drop out every year. As a high school dropout, most people are quick to assume the worst, that I am lazy, unproductive, and stupid. On a daily basis people begin to assume superiority over me because I decided to drop out. Not many people agree, but being a high school dropout is not synonymous with being a failure. They assume that I just don’t know any better, or that everything they say needs explaining because they think it’ll go right over my head. …show more content…

It’s not a bad job, but the customer service can make my day a living Hell. Most people are not mindful that I am human, and that mistakes can be made, and I often get yelled at if things don’t always go the customer’s way. By the time I get off, my feet are burning and my back is aching, so I take some Tylenol and power through it. Once I am off, I grab something quick and easy to eat for dinner, and head to my second job at IHOP, where I work from 5 until 10 at night, mostly because that’s when it’s the busiest, so the time goes faster and I get great tips. It’s a pretty good job, but sometimes customers will complain to my manager about nothing to get free food, and when I get home I always smell like maple syrup. Question Four: It’s very hard to work two jobs, I know that I could be in college if I hadn’t dropped out of high school, and if my parents could afford it. I’m exhausted all the time, and I sometimes wish that I had more free time to visit my parents, or have the time to adopt a dog and take it for walks. I never have time to go shopping just because, or go see a movie. I don’t have many friends, I lost most of them when I dropped out, which is why I don’t have a roommate. I have a few acquaintances from work, (both IHOP and Wal-Mart) but if they ever ask me to hang out, I always have to say either “sorry, I have work after this,” or “it’s late, I should really be getting home.” I do get lonely from time to time, and I miss

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