The True Cost Of High School Dropouts Summary

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What is the True Cost: High School Dropouts and their Effect
In today’s society it has become even more crucial to obtain knowledge and graduate from high school. In the article “The True Cost of High School Dropouts” Henry M. Levin and Cecilia E. Rouse explain that the dropout rate imposes a heavy cost on the economy. Henry M. Levin is a professor of economics and education at Columbia University. Cecilia E. Rouse is a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University. She also was a member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2009 to 2011. This article was found on “The New York Times” and was published Jan. 25th, 2012. They begin with stating the facts and giving sources to build credibility. They then go into what is being done wrong and what needs to be done in order to improve.
In their article, Levin and Rouse say that in the United states the dropout rate has fallen since the 1970s. They state that programs should be enforced to promote dropout prevention. While these programs may be expensive, more high school graduates benefit the economy in the long run.
Throughout their article, statistics are given. This shows that Levin and Rouse have researched the topic. For example, they state that only 21 states make it mandatory for students to attend high school until they graduate or turn 18. Also, they say that only 7 out of 10 freshman will get high school diplomas. This is shocking, being that an education is the foundation of
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