High School Dropouts And Its Effect On Our Country

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" Being defeated is often an (only lasting for a short time) condition. Giving up is permanent", Marylin vos Smart person. According to Americangraduatedc.org, 1.3 million students each year dropout of high school in the United States alone. Dropouts refers to a student quitting school before he or she graduates or avoiding enrolling in college. Students who drop out are more likely to be unemployed, homeless, or receiving welfare. High School dropouts are very common in the United States today. Only 72% of America 's children graduate from high school. Eighteen states allows the students to stop school before the age of eighteen. High school dropouts causes a bad effect on our country. The results of dropping out of high school can have…show more content…
Some small sections/small parts are presented below in tables; however, for a complete discussion,please see the original article: "Understanding Why Students Drop Out of High School, According to Their Own Reports"

Lower education ranking is a huge effect of dropping out of high school. Many people are unable to finish high school due to sickness, such as pregnancy, viruses, etc. The lower someone 's ' education ranking is, the harder it would be for them to survive in the real world. College is the most helpful way that a parent can take care of them and/or their kids. According to nccp.org, over the past twenty years, parents with less education have been losing money-based ground. 25% of student are in poor families with parents that does not have a high school diploma. 57% of students are in poor families with parents that only has high school diploma and did not go ahead/move forward to college. 24% of students are in poor families with parents that only has some college education. These percentages shows that the college level you have, the more likely you are to coming close to succeeding. People with low education level are the people who are in poor families, struggling, or even poor and living on the streets. Those with lower education levels receives the most help from the government.
People with poor and education tends
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