High School Experience : My Experience In Middle School

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When I was a in middle school, I was on the quiz bowl team. The tournaments were nonchalant, the questions were manageable, and the teams all competed to have a good time, not just to advance. Because the experience was enjoyable in middle school, I decided that I would also brave the unknown murky waters of high school scholars bowl; I was under the assumption that it would be the same for the most part. This assumption was severely misguided. I remember strolling into the classroom for my first day of practice and being surrounded by people who seemed to be far more knowledgeable than me (especially Macy Davis). Mr. Kucharik was sitting at the front of the room manning the buzzer. This frightened me because I was a young naïve freshman, and we were all led to believe that Mr. K absolutely despised freshman. The practice was not at all what I expected. Asking us impossible college level questions, Mr. Kucharik seemed to love watching us struggle. The man was sadistic. Transitioning from questions such as “What kind of clouds produce thunderstorms?” to questions about novels that I’d never even heard of was demanding to say the least. After attending several practices, at which I did horribly every morning, we finally participated in our first tournament of the year. It was my first time ever leaving the school with Mr. Kucharik and absolutely did not go the way I hoped it would. When we first arrived in the parking lot outside of the tournament, I made a joke that he

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