High School Goals

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My hopes for the future is to graduate from high school, and go to college. Also having a job. Yes I can start on them after school and I want to focus on my future, I have to work hard on that I want to go to university after college. Education will help me from many different ways through my career. I want to achieve my goals through education, it is the way most of the people have succeed. My goals have always been to improve myself through each year, and be a better student/person, and to be a successful student. My goals have always been very big and meaningful for me. Especially my grades, I want “A” in my classes. These goals are important for me because that's what everyone wants in their lives, I always have dreamed to be successful. I want to have “A”s in my classes because I want to graduate with good GPA. The data has actually supported me throughout my high school goals by giving me the opportunity to reflect on my prior accomplishment and plan for how to get ready for the life after high school, and this data will help me look for that I am good at. What is that job that I want to work on after high school? This data has also shown me that which level I am in, and what are the subjects that I need help with, to get ready.
My future immediately is to continue my studying going to college and get at much education as i can. That is my goal for now. I have chose this pathway because nobody from my family has gone to college, they all have left it after school. I

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