The Importance Of After High School Goals

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Goals are achieved in different ways by different people. Goals can be joining a sport, making new friends, or even as simple as becoming organized. However in order to achieve your goals, you must have an ability. My abilities of being respectful and calm, will help me to have more honor classes, graduate with a 4.0 or higher, go to college and become a pediatrician. Before I become a pediatrician I will need to use my abilities to do so. As was said before, my strengths are being respectful, and being calm. Because my high school goals are having more honor classes, and having a GPA of a 4.0 or higher my strengths helps me to achieve these goals. Being disrespectful and not calm to teachers will allow teachers to not take me serious and be disrespectful to me. This will jeopardize my chances of getting good grades and having honor classes. However if I am respectful and calm to my teachers, they will understand my abilities and will allow me to have more honor classes, and have better grades to achieve my high school, and my after high school goals. My after high school goals are to attend a university and become a pediatrician. In order to accomplish this, my strengths will help me to have a better interaction with people. If my attitude towards people I meet are disrespectful and uncalm it will become an issue to everyone I meet, especially if I attend a university far from home. These are the reasons why my strengths will help me to achieve both of my high school and

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