High School Musical Analysis

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In the United States, there is a three percent chance of giving birth to twins (“Multiple”). In this circumstance, one twin will often show dominance over the other. This is very apparent in the relationship between Sharpay and Ryan Evans in the High School Musical franchise. There are three movies in this franchise where the dynamic between Ryan and Sharpay is slanted. Sharpay’s behavior is caused by many things, but one of the major causes is jealousy. Sharpay acts aggressively towards her brother and others because she feels inferior when compared to Ryan. Ryan is a nicer person than Sharpay, he has more true friends, he is more talented, and he also has a more prospective future. She also is jealous of Gabriella Montez because Gabriella is talented, smart, pretty, and dating the star of the basketball team, Troy Bolton. Sharpay’s struggle for control and her fight for Troy’s love is a central conflict of the franchise.
High School Musical is a representation of a high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The movie revolves around the couple Troy and Gabriella, and their friends Chad Danforth, Taylor McKessie, and then Sharpay and her brother Ryan. Sharpay and Ryan are the antagonists of the first movie, but the audience quickly realizes that Ryan is not a bad person: he is only being bossed around by Sharpay. Sharpay stays a consistent antagonist throughout the series even though Ryan soon becomes a fan favorite. These spoiled rich kids have everything they could ever want

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