High School Musical

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Any individual who was born in the current generation or has a child in this generation has assuredly seen High School Musical. With its flashy song and dance numbers, snort-invoking humor, and characters nothing short of flamboyant, High School Musical is sure to enthrall children and adults alike. The masterminds behind the famed cinematic production developed a movie so entrancing that 11 years later, both past and present Disney fanatics are still watching and discussing it. Yet, the hype surrounding the film has dissolved slightly, as no new sequels have been released in nine years. However, those longing for the days of new High School Musical news need to wait no longer. Disney World has pulled together the top minds in the engineering …show more content…

The cars of the roller coaster have been designed to represent the methods of transportation of each of the main characters of High School Musical. Riders will get to choose between Sharpay’s pink convertible, Troy’s practical pick-up truck, Gabriella’s cerulean bike, and Chad’s decrepit car, which was purchased at a junkyard. After loading the car, riders will embark on the journey, beginning with a 12.5 meter stretch of track that is flat and seemingly unimportant. During the entire 12.5 meters, the car will maintain a constant speed, experiencing no acceleration or deceleration. If one were to take a snapshot of the instantaneous speed at the time, they would find that it is relatively slow. However, the car will ascend into a large building, that upon closer examination, appears similar to East High School, the school High School Musical took place in. The building is simple, made of brown bricks, with multiple rectangular windows, and a red sign, proclaiming “East High,” in large white letters. As to give a sneak peak of the ride inside, the windows will be clear. An outer view of the ride would imply a uniformity in the ride, but the inside view will show that that is far from the …show more content…

Strudels, scones, even apple pan-dowdy!” The track will progress into a loop as this is being played, but at the end, it will surge out of the loop as the choir shouts “Not another sound!” Centripetal force, along with the track shape, will allow the car to advance inside the loop, towards the center. A cake and baking equipment will be suspended in the center of the loop, in relationship with the theme of the lyrics. “Someday I hope to make the perfect crème brûlée” will blare as the track graduates into flatness. During this time, the car will move at a constant speed that does not change until the chorus begins to project. As the chorus exclaims “No, no, no, no. No, no, no,” the coaster zooms into three sharp turns, with a brief pause in momentum at the tip of the turn (see blueprint) as velocity slows to a halt, only to be projected back into motion once again. As the next lyrics (“Stick to the stuff you know! If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule”) play, the car will hurtle up and over a moderately sized hill. Thereafter, the rider will be hurled through a two-layer glass tube filled with glistening water while listening to “Don’t mess with the flow, no no.” Finally, the coach will careen down a small dip, as the closing lyric, “Stick to the status quo,” rings out. The screens and

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