High School Relationships Are Ridiculous Because The Partners

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High school relationships are ridiculous because the partners “pretend” their feelings to act out the aspects of love, when in actuality couple really don’t know what they are doing. Between the “I love you” and the “there’s not a second where you are not in my mind”, what else is there in a relationship? High Schoolers tend to get attached easily and don’t know the true meaning of what love really is. How can a power so strong be determined within the first two weeks talking to someone? Do they really love each other? Love can mean two different things when it comes to high school; “I love you”, meaning the couple wants to be together 24/7 and are already planning a wedding. Or with meaning two, representing the love of friendship and …show more content…

Only two percent of high school relationships work out through college… underclassman do not see this, and think that that small percentage is much higher, undeniably believing that they will be with their lover forever. They don’t have the real-life experiences. The younger freshman think that their love-life will be like the movies and “happy ending” storybooks that they have been brought up with all their lives. In the end, when your “high school lover” leaves you and you don’t know what to do with your life, you can turn towards your friends, who for the majority of the time, with be there to help you cope through the heartbreak.
Furthermore, as I said earlier, lower classman tend to say more than what they actually mean. For some odd reason, it is always the lower classman you see dating upperclassmen. Is it because they think they’re cool? The older the better? Lower classman come into high school as “fresh meat”, some scared and while others come in with a big head. According to Psychology Today, there are two types of people, “A secure attachment pattern, a person is confident and self- possessed and is able to easily interact with others, meeting both their own and another’s needs”. I feel as if this is a typical underclassman, easily able to attach and depend on another person because they don’t know what a heartbreak is. The second person, “... When there is an anxious or avoidant attachment pattern, and

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