High School Speech Materialism and Money

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We Have become largely materialistic as a society. Nowadays the size of your income is the point that defines you and happiness is the latest Ipod. Now just take a moment to consider. What was it that made you happy as a toddler? Was it that you had the latest Pumpkin patch fashions? Or perhaps it was that your parent’s earnt more than your best friends parents? No it was simply the love and affection of your parents, a sense of achievement when you achieved something and the companionship of people your own age. You see, I think those toddlers are onto a good thing. I believe that we as the young people of New Zealand place far to much emphasis on the importance of money. If you think about it, all that money causes is bad things; Debt,…show more content…
Sadly are unable to access such things as they have a small income. Many low income families find that they are frowned upon by the ‘Upper classes’. One such person, a student, was mocked and taunted by her peers as her family had to carry out a ‘paper run’ to help sustain their family. As ashamed as I am to say it I stood back and watched while such blatant discrimination was taking place right in front of me. This is just one example of inner-class prejudice. The government also shows prejudice towards different classes by providing subsidies for health care and other services. Families qualify for these benefits by being under a certain income. Often families with incomes just slightly above the qualification standard often struggle to pay for such services but receive no subsidy. To qualify for a community services card a family must have a combined income of less than seventy thousand dollars per annum. A family earning seventy two thousand dollars per annum had a child that became critically ill. Because their income was two thousand dollars higher than the requirement this family received no financial help from the government and as a result they are now in major debt. I believe that inter class prejudice would become less of an issue and the lifestyle of many people would improve if less emphasis were put on money. So as the young people of New Zealand we need to take a stand and make a difference! Lets stop our consumer society form being
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