High School University Entrance Exam

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In June each year, high school graduates in Iran take a rigorous, centralized nationwide university entrance exam, called the Concours, seeking a place in one of the public schools. It 's unfortunate that only 10 percent of applicants will be accepted. In The U.S, all the students, superb or lousy, have the opportunity of studying in a college. In the U.S, I’ve met lots of people who were not doing so great in high school; fortunately, the transition from high school to college has made them an exceptional student. In Iran, Komeil was one of my best friends,and despite the fact that he was not doing a good job in high school, I could say with some confidence that if he 'd gone to college, he would’ve changed.

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If you’re a college student, you really should not participate in any political movements; there were countless of students who got to prison and got fired just because they were in some political campaigns. Honestly, I’ve never seen a student getting fired out of college in The U.S. They just don 't have all the restrictions that are in Iran. American students don 't get fired jus for having lunch with one of their female classmates, or that they don 't get fired for participating in political movements.

There’s something about the Councours that will blow your mind away: If a high school grads’ father or family was ever in the military, their son or daughter would get extra points on The Councours.Frankly, that is the most immoral policy of a test that I 've ever heard . So maybe even Komeil was a qualified student to get into a college, but somebody else had taken his seat in college because 20 years ago his father joined the military. In The U.S, I’ve never heard of such unfair policies, the tests and exams in the U.S. are all about the knowledge of a student.

I’ve heard from some people that the Concours is just like the SATs in the U.S., and my answer is a firm “NO!” Simply because the Concours is a comprehensive, 4.5-hour multiple-choice exam that covers all subjects taught in Iranian high schools—from math and science to Islamic studies and foreign

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