Higher Education And Growing Percentage Of Labour Market

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Introduction - (120 words, 9 reshta ) Labour market condition over the decades. It seems the expansion of higher education and growing percentage of labour market entrants are gaining degrees. Therefor, employment rate has fallen to 5.5% according to (Amankwah, et al., 2015) research. The graduate labour market has been exceedingly competitive due to nearly 18,000 final year students graduating every year. Further research (Mason, Williams and Cranmer, 2009) showed that ‘’By graduates having a structured work experience and employer involvement, it can lead to a positive effect on the ability to secure employment in ‘graduate level’ jobs’’. As to impact of extra curriculum can result in strong employment growth, good opportunities for …show more content…

The stability of demand and supply in the labour market can be essential as it is reflected at the level of wages and salaries, which can determine the level of demand. If the amend is high in relative supply it can lead to a rise in earnings. This can be an advantage to the labour market as it can indicate an increase in the employment rate, which in turn will cause demand for human resources to drop, this view has been supported by (Anon.,2015). If, by variance, supply is high relative to demand, employment costs would decrease. Yet, recent research Richard, et al., (2005) suggests that changes in labour taxes may have a permanent impact on unemployment due to taxes being shifted onto labour. The level of unemployment can be affect labour market as According to Lipsey (2004), the average wage growth can be shown in the increase in labour demand and by the increase of higher wages in the average wage. As by the research conducted from P. Richard, et al., (2005) Labour market does not seem to improve by the end of 2014, which is due to changes in unemployment are positively correlated with changes in owner occupation rate across, US and UK regions. Economic growth will likely go through indolent to be able to create enough jobs which would be essential when reducing unemployment rates.

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