The Achievement Of Higher Education

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The achievement of higher education dates all the way back to the 13th century where students of ages between 13 and 16 would go to ‘school’. Many people have come to argue that education is not required to succeed in life. While others believe that it is an essential aspect for an individual in order to survive. Plenty of people comment that going to college is nothing but a tradition that one follows. Another handful of persons share the opinion that attending college is simply an option because one can survive without any further education. The function of college in the 21st century is to capacitate, train, and educate those in search of opportunities in higher education. For many people, college should be preparing students for any situations in the real world, educating pupils who are not, and offering opportunities for those who are seeking such. However, many citizens believe that college has only become an obstacle for those who are in search of further completion. Due to constant political and economic changes, college has been routed into a fixed direction; nevertheless, students are not being fully prepared, creation of stressful environments, and making the price of education nearly unaffordable. Obtaining a job has become harder because of the slow restoration of the economy and competition. College students have come to struggle when hunting for any opportunities in the workforce. Pupils have also encountered difficulties when having the desire to work in a
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