Higher Education Case Study

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Dr. John Wilson knocked on the door of the Office of the President. He came prepared to discuss the renewal of his tenure as Dean of the Fine Arts Department.

John let himself in and faced a sight so incongruous that he plopped, more than sat down, on a chair facing the desk. President Charles Holzer sat at his desk with Watson’s Chief of Police standing at his side. John looked at one and the other in turn uncomprehending.
“Have I made a mistake about our appointment?” he asked.

John had known Charles for twenty years and had been on a first-name basis for half of those years. “I thought that we were meeting to discuss my tenure?” he asked, glancing at the chief.

“Yes, we are here to discuss your tenure,” Charles replied, all business and no play. John felt the barometric pressure of the room drop to an
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The drop did not pertain to his department but to the business school. John had been one of the first faculty staff to raise the alarm about online university degrees. The business model for higher education was fast changing. Soaring tuition prices and the great recession had brought a dose of reality in academia.

Would Charles finally agree with his argument for an online degree program? John would have felt his stress dissolve if not for the presence of the Chief at the meeting. What was he doing here? John thought of Charles' well known aversion to computers and snickered. Charles brought him back to reality with a stunning remark.

“The Board has decided not to renew your tenure. They will offer you a generous severance package once you submit your resignation. This offer is not negotiable and their decision is final. I am sorry, John, but you must make a decision before you leave this office,” dropped Charles. The words unfolded in the silent, deploying their poison in the air. The Chief stood tall and firm, ready for a desperate response, an aggressive gesture. None
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