Hiking the Barr Trail

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Adventurers are seeking for a new journey that is stimulating and invigorating. If they want to be spontaneous and try a daring task the trailblazers should try hiking the Barr trail. The Barr trail is well known to be one of the most difficult and strenuous trails to hike because of its dangerous conditions. “For the first time is an exhilarating experience, but being prepared is a necessity. The Trails & Open Space Coalition can't make it an easy climb for you, but maybe we can help you get prepared”(Hiking). The Barr Trail is located in Pikes Peak, Colorado. The trail is estimated to be about 12.6 miles long. The Barr trail was established by an extraordinary man by the name of Fred Barr. Barr constructed this trail with his father and it cost him about 10,000 dollars. Along the trail, Barr built the Barr camp, which is where the travelers can reside and rest for the night. To hike this trail, the madcap needs to be well assembled, thoroughly know the hazards, and be physically conditioned or he will not be able to endure the strenuous paths that lie along the trail.
The Barr Trail does not only have strenuous paths, but it is one of the most dangerous trails in America. There are many times that severe thunderstorms occur: “As the state with America's highest average elevation (6,800 feet), Colorado and its mountains see a shocking amount of electrical activity, (Bastone) and 20 of the 48 lightning incidents reported in Colorado since 2000 have involved hikers and

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