Hinduism And Buddhism And Hinduism

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So far we’ve learned about Hinduism and Buddhism in India two of the most common religions found in India. One of the many things about learning about different culture is the religion that is come with. Religion is one of the many things that are unique to each and every culture. Religion views are what make a group of individuals come together and form a community. In core 7 we are learning about Hinduism and Buddhism learning about India and their religion views has helped me see the world in a different way and understand religion and a way of living in a whole new perspective. I’ve grown to take something from every religion we have learned up to core seven and try to relate it to my own lifestyle and how I can take something away from it and make me a better person. As an artist you have to take a little bit of everything and make it your own. Although Hinduism and Buddhism are very different from Christianity there are some aspects that appeal to me and I feel I can take away without feeling like I have to convert to the religion. Hinduism and Buddhism are two very unique religions that we have been discussing in core seven. Like any other region both are very different from each other but have some similarities. To start off both religions believe in Karma and reincarnation but both see the purpose of life in a different way. Hinduism was the first religion that we covered and it was the one that applied to several people in India. To start of Hinduism believes in

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