Hinduism And The Islamic Religion

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Thousands of years has passed since man was created, and ever since then people have always worshipped a higher figure, being or object. For primitive humans the first thing they worshipped was a stone, then plants and trees. As time passed and civilization evolved, it altered and man started to worship animals, especially those that had a dominant physical trait. People’s adoration then changed to the elements, then to man in the form of priests, kings or prophets and finally it has, settled on Heavenly Beings which are worshipped by different religions. Two of the more prominent religions in society are Hinduism and the Islamic religion. The Origins of Worship | Urantia Book | Urantia Foundation. 2015.
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This is evident in their god Surya who is their sun god, Garuda the messenger god and Hanuman, the god of courage and power. Yet, there has to be more prominent deities in their religion, and there is. There are three gods which are a part of the Hinduism triumvirate, which are the gods that have the responsibility of the creation, preservation and destruction of the world, they include Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma, is the creator God and is considered to have been the founder of the world. Even though he played such a vital role in the creation of Earth, he is the least worshiped god in Hinduism. This is mainly because his role in creation is, apparently, over. The god Vishnu is proclaimed to be the powerful preserver and protector. This god is one of the more worshiped gods due to defending the world that we live on. The god responsible for destruction is Shiva. Even though it sounds like this god has a passion for slaughter, the destruction that Shiva causes is believed to extinguish the flaws in our world. ( 2015) and ( 2015)

Even though followers of Hinduism have many gods in their religion they usually have a personal God which they support the most and worship more than the others. Whilst a large percentage of Hindu’s believe in hundreds of gods, some like to argue that there is only one or three gods to worship. ( 2015)

By worshipping different gods the followers of Hinduism

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