Essay about Hip Hop

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Hip-hop is known as a culture movement. Hip-hop is a pleasing art form, formed by African-Americans and Latinos in the late seventies. Its formation derives from a young generation of African-Americans in South Bronx, New York. They created a beautiful, complimentary expression of melody, skill and dance from an environment of poverty. Ever since it has encouraged people from all across the world. Hip-hop is discussed as an art form and not just flowing, it typically is meant to include the four essentials: DJing, MCing, graffiti writing, and break dancing. Hip Hop helped renew the identity of these elements. In studying the history of hip hop; it has influences on many cultures. Early hip-hop was credited to help inner-city gang …show more content…

Hip-hop has influences on other type of music also, from blues to rock and roll. The youth of this generation see hip-hop like what the older generation see blues. An essential to hip hop is graffiti writing. Before hip-hop it was used as a political expression for different gangs. Now, many people use it as a way to bring their words to life. It carries meaning and expression of thoughts and ideas. It holds feeling and energy. It holds a strength and assortment that not just the artist can see. It carries independence, motive and inspiration. Not everyone can understand what it beholds. It contains beauty and grace. Lyrical poets use it to state ideas, no matter the cost of conveying them. Graffiti was around since existence of human and thousands of years before written languages urbanized. The natives used their environment as a canvas for expression. Artists use a wall as a canvas. It doesn’t even require a museum to see it; all you have to do is wander about the city to discover the building’s walls. Graffiti artists are the Picassos of hip-hop culture. They depict a language, an image, a voice and a vision. The artist is free. The message can be seen by anyone. You can locate numerous graffiti writing that is used in slang. Slang is the language of hip-hop. The artist Lil’ Wayne popularize the term bling bling. Hip-hop was only known inside United States previous to the early eighties. Throughout the decade the lyrics spread to every continent and

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