Hip Hop Is Not Going Anywhere

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Since Old School’s Hip Hop conception, the genre has gone way beyond what the genre’s originators could have imagined. Each period since the founding of Hip Hop has added to the evolution of the culture and have altered it into something that is more than just a hobby, but a mindset and a part of life that cannot be separated from many different cultures globally. In 1977, popular Hip Hop MCs and Djs lived in poverty in New York and in 2016 artist like Sean Combs, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z are worth $2.07 billion combined (Greenburg, 2016). A genre and culture that stemmed in a way of healing and release in the black and latino community in New York is now an international commodity and has proven that Hip Hop is not going anywhere. Several of Hip Hop’s characteristics have guided the evolution in these past 40 years, like the value of being family-oriented, authentic and the content of the lyrics, have made Hip Hop into a genre that has a large enough variety to have something for every any audience that enjoys music. Rap originated in the South Bronx by marginalized Black and Latino youth who lived in terrible housing often set ablaze, overcrowded cities, lack of available jobs, and gang-filled communities. Around this time in the 70s, gangs were becoming prominent in order to form community, protection, and family. In Somebody Scream, Reeves (2008) stated, “The population upheaval of the South Bronx, with black and brown kids being terrorized by bands of white youth whose

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