Hispanic Culture Appropriation

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The Hispanic Culture is beautiful because it varies from clothes, food, and music in the different types of Hispanics from North America, Central America, and South America. The Hispanic culture is being appropriated by people who don't care for it, they are being appropriated from people who want to make money off it. From Puerto-Ricans to Mexicans, Latinos are tired of their culture, who they are proud of and embrace without shame to be taken by companies, designers, and musicians. As a Hispanic I am one of those people, I'm tired of our culture and heritage being stolen from my ancestors. The Hispanic Culture should not be a tool for people to make money off of by appropriating it.

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Places like Taco bell claim that they are Mexican Restaurants but they have no authentic Mexican food, they have food that Americans made and started saying that it's Mexican and it's not even good so when people eat there they have this low expectation for Mexican food because Taco bell tastes so bad when in reality in Mexican food we have different varieties of delicious plates. It is disgraceful that they use my culture to make business and the food isn't even good. When people appropriate Hispanic Culture it's most of the time it's white Americans who use it for business and not to appreciate it. Cinco de Mayo is another example of appropriation of a Hispanic Culture. Cinco de Mayo is the historical event in Pueblo, Mexico where the Mexican Army was outnumbered to the French army who tried to invade Puebla in hopes of conquering it, Mexico won on May 5th, 1862. According to Symone Roque of the people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo most are Mexican Americans and Non-Latinos in the United States. Whether they use it to drink and party it's a huge disrespect to many Mexicans that do take pride in the day where their ancestors stopped the invasion of the French. People who celebrate it are usually culturally insensitive and use costumes that are seen as racist, where I agree because I seen white

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