The Cultural Practices That Chicanos / Chicanas

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The cultural practices that Chicanos/Chicanas partake in such as being pachucos and pachucas, being actively involved in feminism, creating music and using stereotypes in film reflect their struggle to attain freedom and empowerment against Anglo society and within themselves. The various elements that make up Chicano culture have helped them resist Anglo culture and develop subcultures within the Chicano community. In addition, it has also allowed them to free themselves from the idea of becoming just like standard the American that they are expected to be. The style and behavior of the Pachucos serves as a form of cultural resistance because they exhibit themselves differently from the Anglo American. By deviating from what is considered the norm, they create their own style and preferences which then leads Anglo Americans to create negative stereotypes based on their appearance . Typically, pachucos are believed to be working class, without education and criminals In addition, Arturo Madrid explains in his article about Kid Zopilote, the way that a Chicano writer created and mocked as the typical pachuco who “At best was simpleminded and unambitious; at worst he suffers from arrested development.” . However, they defy this notion by wearing very expensive zoot suits, which allow them to assert their style and resist the White Anglo standards. For Chicanos, the zoot suits can signify a sense of upward mobility. Katherine S. Ramirez mentions that Chicanos way of

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