Essay on Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet

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University of Phoenix Material Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet Instructions: Part I: Select and identify six groups in the left-hand column. Complete the matrix. Part II: Write a summary. Part III: Format references consistent with APA guidelines. Part I: Matrix | What is the group’s history in the United States? | What is the group’s population in the United States? | What are some attitudes and customs people of this group may practice? | What is something you admire about this group’s people, lifestyle, or society? | 1. White Americans | Whites here in the United States are classified as individuals that have origins with the Middle East, Europeans, and North Africa (U.S. Census Bureau, 2001). | A large part …show more content…

Also, Black Americans have strong religious beliefs and I admire that the most. | 3. Hispanics | The United States citizens who are Spanish-speaking who were somehow brought into the country due to the end results of the Mexican War are considered as being Mexican Americans. Hispanic immigration into the United States is caused because of two reasons: an escape from any political persecution and for economic opportunities (Rodriguez, 1995). | Hispanics are currently the fastest-growing minority group in the United States constituting 16.3% of the nation’s entire population. There population is 42,687,224. | The attitudes and customs of Hispanics have a major presence on music, food, holidays, dance, and arts here in the United States. The Hispanic families in the United States are traditionally close-knit groups, and Spanish speakers are quite formal toward each other when speaking. | Family ties among Hispanics are very strong, and this is what I mostly admire about their race. Hispanic families often come together for different occasions (birthdays, holidays, baptisms, etc.) and they teach their children the importance of good manners, and respect for their elders. A good quality to have today. | 4. Pacific Islanders | The United States and Europe claimed political power over the Polynesian Islands which led to the United States overthrowing the individual monarchies of the islands. | Pacific

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