Essay on Hispanic Marketing in Latinos INC by Arlene Davila

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Hispanic Marketing
In the book Latinos INC, Arlene Davila discusses and explores many of the dimensions and elements of Hispanic Marketing. In the beginning of the book she states that the Hispanic market is a multi-billion dollar industry. This market has grown tremendously and it is most prominent in densely populated Latino cities, such as Miami and Los Angeles. In these cities the main percentage of these Latino Americans tend to be Cuban. Davila explains and argues many points about Hispanic Marketing that bring great insight into this billion dollar industry.
The dominant ideas about the Hispanic population and how to market them are key concepts looked at in chapter two. There are many facts and fictions about marketing to Latinos …show more content…

Research about the Hispanic market finally became prominent in the 1980s and helped shape the market today. “…after the 1980s, research would become a central legitimating component of the industry”(63). This new trend of research helped to legitimatize the way people advertised and marketed toward the Latino community. Hispanics are represented as immigrants who are brand-loyal and value their culture and family above all. Late in the 20th century, Cuban advertisers represented Hispanics on TV and in advertisements as lively, colorful, dancing groups of people. Their attempt was to show this was the right way to be Hispanic. Davila mentions Lionel Sosa, Sosa attempted to argue that not all Latinos were non-English speaking immigrants like they were portrayed in advertisement and marketing campaigns. Many Latinos were not only born in the U.S. but were bilingual. These differences in the advertisements and how Latinos actually are affected the Latino market as a whole.
Stereotypes play a large role in Hispanic Marketing. The construction of the Hispanic market has been based on the idea of Hispanics being a nation within a nation. “Advertising has long appealed both to their feelings for their homelands and to their pride as Latinas in the United States”(101). Davila believe that stereotypes are “necessary components of human interaction and communication,” but are also harmful to society because they “reduce complexities to a few limited social conventions…

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