Essay on Histology Tissue Tracking

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Software and hardware systems are the main source of how companies are ran today. To remain influential in today’s markets, businesses must remain flexible, and technology integrated. The implications of not acquiring up-to-date technology may be the demise of a company as a whole. While remaining technology up-to-date can cut cost, and implement the highest productivity of a company helping insure satisfied customers. Business requirements thus, drive businesses to change the way production, and customer satisfaction is met. During the integrations of a computerized tissue tracking system needed for irreplaceable patient pathology specimens, a greater need was understood in the implications of tracking. Handwritten cassettes were …show more content…

The change in quality delivered, and the legality of improper diagnosis was highly considered when creating a complete tissue tracking system, consequently creating a computerized beginning to end electronically embedded tissue tracking system. “Smart” software was installed into the Lab assistant existing PC’s within the department, programmed to interface with an electronic cassette patient information embedding machine. As patient information was retrieved singularly from the implemented program, the specimen count, type, source, and patients name is verified by the lab assistant, and then accepted or denied. If accepted, the cassette embedding machine would then electronically embed the cassette with a barcode, and a number specific to that patient, and their tissue type. The patients name, birth date, case number, and tissue type would be printed onto a label to be placed on the patient’s requisition. While another set of labels would be printed for each specimen and part type then placed on the patient’s specimen container. After this process was completed the tissue and cassettes would then be given to the gross technician for dissection, and description. The gross technician upon receipt would scan the label on the requisition, pulling up the patient’s information, scan the cassette in which the gross technician would like to place the tissue into, and lastly scanning the specimen container

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