Historical And Sociological Data Of School Safety

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In a book source I reviewed the author discussed the subject of school safety which uses historical and sociological data to illustrate how much the school is subject to social realities and changes (Watson & Watson 2002). The authors set out to see if the American school has always been safe. Unfortunately, they found that it has not, that it is confronted in each new generation with a whole new set of threats and dangers. This is a unique book that examines American schools and their safety from the point of view of historical incursions and threats rather than from anecdotal and sometimes questionable information (Watson & Watson 2002). Through the examination of thousands of documents and incidents, the authors show that the American …show more content…

The stand-and-deliver model of teaching and learning is increasingly incompatible with today 's youth; in some schools, it is giving way to more varied methods founded on research about how children learn. Also the students who attend public schools come with more learning challenges than ever before, and the trend shows no sign of reversing (Evans, 2004). The changing needs of children demand that teachers expand their role beyond purveyors of information, to become facilitators, coinvestigators, guides, and coordinators. (Jorgenson, 2006).Changes are taking place rapidly, against a backdrop of the shift from an industrial economy to one based on the instantaneous, global traffic of information. Today 's schools are not designed to prepare children for the explosive economy or its demand for outcomes over process; the traditional model of teachers dispensing discrete, disconnected bodies of information curriculum presented in isolation from the other subject areas is increasingly obsolete as a way to prepare children for our world (Wagner, 2006).
Independent School Magazine, The Teaching Life, Why Curriculum Change Is Difficult and Necessary Olaf Jorgenson, Summer 2006
Guide 4: Changing teaching methods To support what was stated in guides three the traditional stand and deliver method is now obsolete when it comes to educated todays learners. The new movement in education is leading to convergent and divergent teaching. Convergent teaching is

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