School Shootings : School And Community Violence Trends And Reviewing Evidence On Best Practices Essay

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Abstract School shootings have generated great public concern and fostered a widespread impression that schools are unsafe for many students; this article counters those misapprehensions by examining empirical evidence of school and community violence trends and reviewing evidence on best practices for preventing school shootings. Many of the school safety and security measures deployed in response to school shootings have little research support, and strategies such as zero-tolerance discipline and student profiling have been widely criticized as unsound practices. Threat assessment is identified as a promising strategy for violence prevention that merits further study. The article concludes with an overview of the need for schools to develop crisis response plans to prepare for and mitigate such rare events. Danger in School: What Can We Do About School Shooting In Connecticut After the school shooting in Connecticut many Americans seem eager to find something to place the blame on to try to ease the pain of loss. In this case everyone seems to be placing the blame on the gun itself, but the gun was not responsible, but rather the one behind the gun. A knife is just as dangerous, but does that mean that we need to regulate the ownership of knives? It’s time for America to face that it’s not the gun that should be blamed, but the man behind the gun. We seem to overlook the fact that the guns many people are so against have also protected us. I’d like to see the

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