Historical Perspective : What You See Yourself

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Historical perspective summary Key concept # 1 self concept describes how you see yourself. overall perception of your abilities, behaviors, and personality.
Ideal self is the person you dike to be. Not shaped by your desires for yourself but is shaped by other’s perceptions and evaluations and acceptance of you.
If these two match up, youre happy. The greater the difference, may caue anger, depression. Key concept # 2 actual self making progress towards ideal self is self actualization, the basic motivation for all human behavior. Versus maslow, who saw self-actuaization as a need rather than a drive. The praise and love from others of certain behaviors is conditional positive regard. Unconditional positive regard accept and value each other regardless of behaiors helps people move toward self actualization. Key concept #3 The humanistic theory stems from the assumption that people have free will
Individual contributer # 1
Individual contributer # 2
Discussion of area of life from historical perspective
emphasis on human freedom, potential, and happiness. Search for higher meaning in life rather than just surviving.
“third force” expect them to be accepting and kind, not condescending, terat as a person w/ a human interaction.
Positive psych- happiness and satisfaction focus on self and growth and health and potential is all over the talk shows.

Maslow started as an animal behaviorist. Look at people more fully, thin about health and how people can be…
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