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The History of Gutters The first known use of a trough system to divert water served as a type of water spout, used to direct water away from ancient Egyptian structures. Egyptians were also known to use copper pipes during ancient times to transport water. The Romans began utilizing a guttering system as early as 27 BC in the development of early roads by building up the center of the roads to facilitate and direct the flow of water from the road. In 47 AD, the Romans brought the concept to Britain, where the future of gutters would eventually become a cornerstone in building technology. After the year 1066, the Norman’s initiated the rebuilding of the structures and towns of England laid to waste as a result of the Norman Invasion. Massive …show more content…

Buildings in the middle ages were constructed with stone roofs adorned with parapets. The gutters of the time used gargoyles at the head of troughs to project rain water away from the buildings in a manner similar to that of a downspout. This practice became commonplace and was the only gutter system of the era until 1539, when large quantities of lead became available after Henry VIII disbanded all English convents, Catholic monasteries, and priories. Lead From these huge structures was recycled and used in guttering, starting a new trend. Cast iron replaced the use of lead in the first half of the 18th century. The 1700’s saw a surge of plentiful and cheap cast iron which became very popular until the late 1700’s when wooden gutters replaced cast iron in popularity, especially in wealthier neighborhoods and public buildings. The aesthetically pleasing wooden gutters became the norm in new construction for the next 50 years. Between 1900 and 1925, steel became the newest addition of available gutter material through the use of a new invention, the rolling machine. Early productions led to today’s galvanized and stainless steel

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