Unit 1 History Final Assignment

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History Final Assignment
History is the study of fast event or information about fact what people did to make this world beautiful. From this class or especially from my professor Amy Bell I learn that what written in the books are not all fact. Before I used to hate history subject because of date, but after taking history two I started to love to study different history books to know the fact. Especially I read the united states history books because I live here and want to know everything about where I lived. What we read in a book is the writer view point according what they heard. Actually, history books are not written by histologists but it was written by educational writer. “History can be imagined as a pyramid. At its base are millions of primary sources-the plantation records, city directories, speeches, song, photograph, newspaper articles, diaries, and letters that document time past” (loewen 3).
Before reading history book I believe what people said about Christopher Columbus. But what I heard was wrong. Columbus discover America in 1492 everyone said, but before 1492 people from other country came here in America. when Columbus came in the America Indian are here in the America. from this class I learn that Columbus only came here to found gold (Zinn 4). Again, I heard that Indian first arrive here and stated to work in the field. They themselves grow potatoes, rice, beans to eat. When Columbus came to

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