History Of Police. The United States’ Early Policing Was

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History of Police The United States’ early policing was rooted in the ancient system of British common law (Reppetto, 2010). The system depended heavily on watch groups and citizen volunteers. The U.S. has taken up a lot of initiatives to reform its system of policing since the 1960s. President Lyndon Johnson played an integral part to facilitate early reforms to policing. The primary functions of police in the US include law enforcement, protection of property, and limiting of civil disorder. Police force exercises its power within clearly defined territorial or legal areas of responsibility. Police force is separate and different from the military since the former does not engage in matters of territorial or state defense against…show more content…
Besides, the U.S. established its community policing organizations based on the Peelian principles (Das & Verma, 2003). Most policing organizations have formulated the ethical behaviors expected of the public and law enforcement based on these principles. Finally, modern technology has necessitated the need to make sure that the community, the police, and law enforcement conform to Peel’s principles and other policing recommendations. Meanwhile, the policing organizations in the United States have a special relationship with the U.S. government. Policing in the US is divided into three distinct categories: local, state, and federal police. At least 18,000 local, state, and federal departments take part in the nation’s policing (Scaramella et al., 2011). The funding, powers, and responsibilities of law enforcement agencies vary from one state to another. Federal police and federal law enforcers play an integral part to enforce law at the national level. These law enforcement agencies and federal police basically enforce federal law and have nationwide jurisdiction. However, the U.S. Code limits these federal agencies to involve in investigations of only those matters falling within the jurisdiction of the federal government. The country’s Department of Justice is charged with the responsibility to oversee most activities and duties of the federal law enforcement agencies. Some of the agencies under DOJ
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