History Of South Carolina State University

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Students in high school have a very difficult time depicting the college or university of their choice whether there are going to attend a Historical Black College or University, Predominantly White School? As a future educator, I made a commendable choice to attend an HBCU because they are still needed today for successful individuals. Although some African- Americans forget the journey that our ancestors had to go through so we as African-American can have a better education from an accredited college or university. During the time period of slavery many African- Americans could not attend a PWI school because the color of their skin. In addition, that why I think HBCU’s are still needed today. Also many HBCU’s have very strong history behind their schools. South Carolina State University is a very distinguished supportive and studious HBCU, no matter how the media may criticize this college there are still lessons being taught day to day lives. South Carolina State University was found in 1896 as a state sole public college for black youth it also have played a key role in the education of African- Americans in the state and the nation. It struggled to provide agricultural and mechanical training for generations of black youngsters. However, it extension program sent farm and home demonstration agents to rural counties to provide knowledge and information impoverished black farm families. This distinguished university has educated scores of teachers in the public
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