History Of The Constellation

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he explains most of his article on Lockheed’s creation, the Constellation. If you have any interest of aviation this article would be a great read. The Constellation was the first pressurized airliner, also the first tricycle-gear airliner. The Constellation was a war fighter. The Constellation was mostly used during World War II. Lockheed wanted to make something big, and they did. The Constellation was used to carry lots of cargo, from troops to supplies.
It was a part of aviation history, and the Constellation was built by the famous Lockheed Martin corporation. This article will give information that some might not even heard of. The author starts from the beginning, how the Constellation began on its journey. There was a lot of models
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Through Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) and TWA partnering, the Constellation was finally in the airliner business. When the Constellation airlines started they only allowed service between New York and Paris. But no longer than a month, they started running service between New York and Los Angeles. Back then even airplane cost a lot. The amount that a Constellation cost was between $685,000 to $720,000. Now a days that’s 7-8 million dollars, and that’s just the cost of one Constellation. TWA and Pan Am got a deal from the Government when they bought the airplanes. Well there is no clear evidence it can easily be seen why they were so cheap. The Constellations weren’t in great shape. They were a part of World War II, and most of them probably had bullet holes in them, and were in bad shape.
Like I said earlier the Constellation had its ups and downs. It seemed to have served great during the war and was fit for the right job. After the war while the Constellation was in airline service two people have died while taking flight. One passenger's window popped off and he was sucked right out, another was sitting next to a cabin window and that popped off as well and he was too sucked out of the Constellation. But even after these incidents People still had the nerve to fly in the Constellation. If it was up to me I would have said no instantly. Hearing about this now has made me skeptical to fly
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