Personal Narrative: My Journey Into The Order Of The Eastern Star

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Correspondents of the Constellation Era Christine Hackett My journey into the Order of the Eastern Star has been enlightening with moments of frustration. The Order of the Eastern Star does very much to enhance each member philosophically, spiritually and socially, but all too often this beautiful work remains hidden in plain sight. My thirst for knowledge and passion for mystery inspired me to seek profound truths as they relate to the deeper meaning and purpose of the Order of the Eastern Star. Over the last three years, I have contributed countless hours and resources in my quest to understand the Great Mysteries of this organization. In the process, I asked numerous questions pertaining to the Constellation …show more content…

Having all respect for our amazing universe, the Astronomy intricately woven into the walls of the Order of the Eastern Star is by far the most fascinating, yet brilliantly concealed additions to this organization. Astronomical science is embedded into every officer, emblem and movement in the chapter. The beginning of Astronomy predates all Mystery Schools, religions and benevolent societies -- therefore, it is pertinent to thoroughly understand the original intent of building the OES on its heavily scientific foundation. Do not err and overlook astronomical connections directly related to the current position of the "Star of Bethlehem," which I encourage you to explore on your own for more understanding. The evolution from French Adoptive Masonry to the Order of the Eastern Star can be divided into four eras: 1. The First Era (Colonial) includes all times prior to 1855, French Adoptive Masonry was first introduced into the colonies by the during the American Revolutionary War. it is asserted the Order of the Eastern Star was introduced by French General Marquis de Lafayette (Steber,

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