History : The American Revolution

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History never teaches fatalism. There comes a moment when the will of a handful of a Freeman breaks through the determination and opens up the roads. Human history has always been filled with individual liberty ideas. Liberty is known to be the idea that is firmly held by men in their hearts, as they were willing to fight or even die for it. It was an ecstatic feeling when they finally achieved it. The people had an idea of a constitutional freedom and the moral quality, which was strongly held in the people’s hearts in America, and it consequently spread to other countries in the world. It is believed that American Revolution was the most important chapter in human history just because it was their action that made the ideals of liberty, …show more content…

It all started with the revolution of America because of their declaration of independence as these Americans wrote the privileges of independence and freedom into their Bill of Rights. All this is seen on the fourth amendment, which states, “Liberty consists of the power to do whatever is not injurious to others; thus the enjoyment of the natural rights to every man has its limits only those that assure other members of the society the enjoyment of those same rights. Pg 424 .” The news about American Revolution spread faster around the globe. It had many admirers, and among them was Lajos Kossuth the Hungarian nationalist who described revolution and being the noblest, and the happiest page in the history of humankind. On showing the world that the liberty ideals can be achieved, this began to sow seeds of determination and hope into people’s hearts. The American Revolution was an inspiration to other revolutions to take form throughout the world. Since the start of civilization, the humankind has sought to be free and independent. Due to the American Revolution’s success, the motivation and model for them to mold their revolutions have become very clear. At this time now, they can rule over themselves and avoid being ruled over by the kings who think they are in power just because God granted it to them. The American Revolution traces are found in other revolutions such as in their respective declaration of

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