History and Origin of the Vatican City

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History of Vatican and Vatican City: Vatican is regarded as the most ancient religious and political institution that exists in the modern world because of its antique history. In addition to being the most ancient political and religious institution, Vatican is the seat of independent, sovereign, and Free State of Catholic Church's Government. Actually, this institution is the shrewdest diplomatic-political power across the globe with its diplomatic quality being the most important worldwide. The shrewdness of its diplomatic-political power originates from its inclusion of the three major aspects of the Catholic Church i.e. sovereignty, independence, and freedom. While it's diplomatic quality is significant around the globe, its independence as a State is regarded as one of the newest (Manhattan, 1949, p.11). Notably, the diplomatic and political power of Vatican can be understood through tracing its history and the history of the Vatican City. Origin of the Vatican City: Vatican City was formed on February 11, 1929 following the signing of the Treaty of Conciliation by Benito Mussolini and the cardinal Pietro Gasparri, the State Secretary of Pius XI. While the signing of the Lateran Pacts between Italy and the Holy See paved way for the formation of this city, the pacts were ratified on June 7, 1929 ("Vatican City in the Past", n.d.). Since then, the nature of the Vatican City as a sovereign State that is different from the Holy See is widely recognized under

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