Computers Have Made Learning Easier Essay

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These days, we take the pretty graphical user of Windows for granted, but getting there wasn’t intuitive. The blinking cursor of operating systems like DOS is the most obvious interface for a computer, because what could be more intuitive than telling a computer what you want it to do in English? The only problem is that computers were not smart enough to understand English and to work out what users wanted them to do, so computers had to have their own language and to accept command and what had started out as an intuitive idea became a very high barrier to entry to most amateurs. The new, but old computers were made for machines like carpet weaving and rope weaving. But before anybody really knew about computers, (because they where …show more content…

Over a period of time, computers made it easier to work from home , which created many new job and other online opportunities. This gave usage of computers, within the insides of homes a new dimension. As technology improved, simple things such as shopping, booking tickets, buying a new house, searching for schools and colleges, applying to the same, researching for projects and medical information became a lot easier to use computers in every households. Computers effected us in ways that many people still will never understand. Computer being something that we cannot live without tool in our lives, has changed the way we think in more ways than one. Today, all you have to do to find answers is, just 'Google it'! The online world of blogging, IM’ing, chatting and social networking brings the world together in a completely unimagined way. It has caused revolutions and added to the verve of celebrations in equal magnanimity. This powerful source is the great mode of mass communication which affects out thinking by allowing people a free and private to voice their opinions and have discussions that have brought about a change in the world. Computers have pushed us to see different worlds and experiences and cultures. Although the growth is a virtual one, it's after effects are very much real. Today the identity of information technology is computers. Invention of this machine has changed the world's perspective about cultures, economics, history and current affairs.

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