History of Olympics

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“I’m Number One” Every four years numerous athletes from around the world come to compete in the coveted Olympic Games. But these 10,500 athletes just from the London Olympic Games, are not the same as the 241 that competed in the very first Olympics in Athens (Olympic Games). The Games themselves also are completely different. The intent of these participants and the countries they descend from are much different. Once a celebration of the Gods, this old-time worship ceremony has been brought into the modern world as something utterly different. In the first year of the modern revival of the games, it was not an expectation for the athletes to compete in honor of the Greek gods. At the time, it was meant to bring a country glory. As …show more content…

Often the ceremony is filled with modern aspects meant to engage viewers and peak their interest for the games. At the London Games there was the modern texting love story centered around modern technology and situations to engage viewers of all ages. So the country’s natives stay interested, often their country is showcased. Such was the case in London having numerous British singers perform, and in Beijing with martial arts showcased. While the athletes and the country that is willing to hold such a large event do deserve some sort of recognition, it does not need to be as grandiose as it currently is. In the modern age with television readily available to the majority of the population, of course the games are broadcast to all. Starting in 1956 at the Melbourne Games, all following Olympiads were televised (Nosotro). For a showing of events that lasts 2 and a half weeks, it is hard to simultaneously cover every single event that occurs. Now, between television and the Internet, it is not as much of a problem, but coverage is selective. Larger events such as the US Women winning the gold, Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian in history, and Usain Bolt taking his second double gold in a row, are more likely to be seen. Events such as the Men’s 10K, considered possibly the best distance modern race receive less air time and therefore fewer acknowledgements. Most

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