History of the Trojan war

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History of the Trojan War
Questions arise when you are thinking of the Trojan War and its history. How did the war start? , What battle techniques did the Trojan use? Greeks? What mythical creatures and beings were involved in the war and how they changed the course of the battle? What type of battle gear did the Trojans use versus the Greeks? The Trojan war is depicted in the novel of the Iliad and described by Homer, the author of the Iliad. The Iliad shows the history and brutality of the warfare between the Greeks and the Trojans and how it affected both fronts, the home and main, but first, the narrator and his background. Homer is estimated to have lived around 1200 BC …show more content…

The spear measured about nine feet in length, the spear used a bell-shaped iron tip on the front end, and a sharp spike on the other end in case the front was cut off, the Greek could then use the back end as a substitute. The shield covered the body of a regular sized man, so the shield was about four feet in diameter and five feet in height. The shields were arranged in a formation in which the Greeks could use them in a maneuver called the phalanx, where the soldiers were lined up side by side with half of their shield covering them and the other half covering their partner to the left of them. This created a moving metal wall with spears sticking out between the shields, this formation was formidably effective against the Greeks opponents especially in their fight against the Persians under the rule of Darius III. The sword was used as a secondary weapon as I said before and was two feet in length and mostly used for close up combat when the enemy started to get past their spears. The Greek soldier unit was called a
Hoplite and this represented the everyday Greek soldier. Rebounding off of the military weaponry I would like to get into gods and goddesses and who’s side they were on. Starting off with the god Apollo who was known as the god of the sun. Apollo was on the Trojans side, the
Trojans even had a temple to worship him in and was definetly on the Trojans side

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