Hitler's Speech : The Impacts Of Adolf Hitler And Donald Trump

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Every person’s actions have effected history in some way or another. Some people make a bigger impact than others. Throughout history, countless speeches given by countless men and women have marked their place in history, and some have changed entire nations or even impacted the world. Some of these great speeches were given by Nazi leader Adolf Hilter, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and our president today Donald Trump. These great orators gave powerful speeches that had a large impact and were more than just words. These speeches were a combination of the emotion behind the words, their style and confidence while presenting, and the energy brought forth. Initially, one of the orators that had massive influence on the world was Adolf Hitler. Hitler persuaded his audiences to follow despite the fact he was at fault for the death or 21 million people and had conquered many nations. He gave thousands of persuasive speeches but what made them so special was that he could lead entire nations to follow him. According to Bruce Loebs, Hitler’s success was due to his charisma. He also stated, “He learned how to become a charismatic speaker, and people, for whatever reason, became enamored with him.” Many of these people were so willing to follow Hitler because of the economic stress Germany was in at the time. Hitler spoke so confidently, as if he had all the right answers. This lead to Hitler receiving full support during his rise in the 1930s. Hitler knew how important his speeches

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