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Holland Code Paper

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science

The Holland Code Assessment helped me to find my key interests. My top interest was in the conventional area. Before I took the assessment, I had a strong desire to have all the areas of my life structured. I find myself to be “by the book” at times, but I do exercise flexibility when it counts. When it comes to my work as a waitress for BJ’s Restaurants, I have to multitask, which can often be challenging. What makes my job easier is when I have the tables in my station served with a game plan. Whenever I am organized at work, it really
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As a child I enjoyed drawing several objects, and I felt that I had a rare gift to express life through art. I hope to reinvest my time back into my childhood hobby upon graduation later this year. My third top interest is in the social area. I find this remarkable because as a child I was very shy and quiet. During my teenage years, I faced challenges because I felt that socially I did not fit in with the crowd. It took me a long time to realize that I needed to open up and show the world who I am with no fear. I needed to gain confidence by looking others in the eye when I spoke and to be myself. Now as an adult, I feel very comfortable in my skin. I enjoy holding conversations with others and that ability gives me confidence in who I am and in my future career. I feel that my strengths are in the ability to follow rules and utilize order and structure in the work environment and in my personal life. I feel that doing so in a work setting helps me to meet company objectives, get tasks completed in a timely manner, and continue the cycle of productivity for the company. In my personal life, I think that it enables me to be balanced and to not lose sight of who I am. When you have a structured plan for your life, you are able to pace yourself and meet those milestones you have set for yourself. While I try to base my life in order, I also accept that sometimes my goals may not go as planned,
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