Holocaust : The Holocaust And Holocaust

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We all know the horrific experience, the Jews faced during the Holocaust and after it. Even after some survived the holocaust physically, they will always be tormented and haunted by those gruesome memories from those inhumane actions that were directed towards them. After, all they went through it is obvious the holocaust affected the survivor 's drastically, but how about the future generations of Jews. In which I believe the holocaust did in fact affect the second generation, but the third generation of Jews as well.
The second generation being the sons and daughters of the actual survivors, they would have been impacted by this more, being told tales of their experience, dreaming if that had been them, since the Holocaust happened recently their parents might not have had enough time to fully heal not physically but mentally. So child would be affected as well seeing their parents depressed, tormented, and paranoid. To prove it, Nathan P.F. Kellermann, says “that during a course in psychotherapy a young man said: “I am hiding in the cellar from the soldiers who are searching for me.” “Overwhelmed by anxiety, I know that if they find me they will kill me on the spot.” “Then, I am standing in line for selection: the smell of burning flesh is in the air and I can hear shots fired.” “Faceless and undernourished people with striped uniforms march away to the crematorium.” “Then, I am in a pit full of dead, skeletal bodies.” “I struggle desperately to bury the cadavers in the

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