Holy Book Reflection

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The Holy Book My sacred Scripture class mainly consisted of understanding the first part of the Bible. Also, we learned about the beginning of the Church and early religion. I think Sacred Scripture pushes me more into my faith and made me think about it more. The most significant thing that did this was reading directly from the Bible. Reading about the unfaithfulness early worshipers had toward God made me realize everyone has made a mistake in their lives and can fix it. It also made me realize the amount of love God has for us. He forgave us every time we messed up and were unfaithful to him. God created us and loved us from the very beginning. Before taking this class I presumed the Bible only consisted of facts and stories about Jesus’s early life and the creation of the faith. The only other time I have read the Bible was in middle school. Even then I didn’t take it seriously and often avoided reading it. I used to think it was a boring book and that it was just a waste of time. Also, I thought the organization of the Bible wasn’t very good either. All of the verses and different sections confused me. With all this confusion I never made the effort to understand any of it. Then in Sacred Scripture class I took the time in class to read it. The more I read the Bible the more I understood the meaning behind it. The Bible is supposed to teach you the mistakes human kind has made since the beginning. It’s supposed to teach you the joys of praising God. It also teaches

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