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Home health care is a thankless job that has incomparable importance in how we care for patients. Often the home health care worker is filling a need to help elderly patients where their family is unable or unwilling to help. In effect, bringing the institution to the patient’s home. The relationship between the provider and the patient has the potential to bring about a dilemma in the respect for each party’s needs. So is true about the relationship between the Benson’s and the providers of A-1 Home Care. Mr. and Mrs. Benson live at home and require the assistance of home health care, especially for Mr. Benson’s conditions of blindness, colostomy and rheumatoid arthritis. Mr. Benson, 82 years old, lives with his wife May, 80, whose condition requires a lesser degree of assistance than her husband. The Benson’s are self-pay patients that have used the services of many local home health agencies. Their behavior has been reported by the providers as insulting, outside of the perceived expectations of the workers and nearly violent. Providers refuse to work for them. The Benson’s see home health providers as general hired help and not health providers. They assign cleaning tasks, appliance and furniture moving and can be quite picky in their evaluation of task performance. A-1 Home Care needs to retain the Benson’s as a client for financial reasons, and has only African American providers who have not yet seen the Benson’s. This is an expressed problem for the Benson’s as

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