Home Moms : Should They Get Paid A Salary For All The Hard Work?

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This paper addresses stay at home moms. One issue associated with stay at home moms is should they get paid a salary for all the hard work and services that they do. What most people do not realize about stay at home moms is that their job is similar to a nanny. Furthermore, they don’t get paid for it. This paper will examine the following areas related to stay at home moms: what is a stay at home mom, what duties they do within a home environment, why should they get paid, why they shouldn’t get paid, and who should pay them. The best way to answer this question is through extensive research and interviews with actual stay at home moms. If you read this paper you will understand the hardships of a stay at home mom and that some moms are …show more content…

This makes the mother role even harder than an average person who works a 9 to 5 job everything. Stay at home moms have to worry about themselves and the other people who live in the household which means there are many attitudes that’s included with her job. For instance, if the child comes in from school with an attitude because he has gotten into a fight then the mother has to deal with that attitude plus deal with her other children and the duties in the home. Dealing with different tasks and attitudes can put strain and stress on the mother. The way of becoming a stay at home mom is leaving her workplace permanently to attend to her family and household. There are many views about this topic. Stay at home moms actually feels bad for moms who have a job. The author, Leslie Morgan Steiner, who wrote Mommy Wars: Stay-at-home and career moms face off on their choices, their lives, their families, basically spoke about how stay at home moms felt bad for working moms and how stay at home moms looked down on them. Steiner says, ‘My friend, a former Washington Post reporter who makes her living posing provocative questions, asked our neighbor what she thought of my book idea. Specifically, what she thought of moms who worked. Without breathing, the stay-at-home mom answered, “Oh, I feel so sorry for them’ (p.14). This statement makes it seem as though its ok for being a stay at home

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