Homelessness Among The United States

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Homelessness has always been growing across communities in the United States, and many struggle from it as they are people who are lacking in funds, causing them to be without a home. Today, homelessness among individuals is becoming more common and is unfortunately spreading all over the world. Most home owning people are unaware of the actuality of the conditions that the homeless people reside in and many cannot comprehend the troubles and hardships they face just to keep themselves alive. Most homeless people are known to reside in abandoned buildings, buses, cars, street corners and in many community parks. Most homeless people can barely afford to eat every day and to survive many live on the scraps and leftovers from others. Homelessness is defined as someone who cannot afford to pay for housing without depriving themselves of the essentials needed in life. People who become homeless do not all necessarily live on streets, but many “homeless people in our modern society stay with friends, relatives and even in shelters as they cannot afford to live on their own” (Espejo 28).
The three kinds of homelessness that exist are, temporary homelessness, episodical/cynical homelessness and chronic homelessness. A person who falls under the category of temporary homelessness is typically a person or family that becomes homeless for a short period of time. Most people are forced into temporary homelessness because of an unexpected and minor occurrence such as the loss of a…
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