Homelessness Is A Growing Problem

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Homelessness is a growing problem in the U.S according to Rukmana, (2012) “there is more than 800,000 homeless individuals in the U.S”. People who are homeless have poorer health and higher mortality than the general population, because of these statistics my program will be targeting the homeless population in our Miami-Dade community who are suffering from tuberculous. Tuberculosis have been recognized as an important health problem among the homeless population, that is why I believe it is very important to teach the homeless population in our community how to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and how to take preventable measures not to contract the disease.
Homelessness is a result of, social, economic, and individual forces, other factors that can also contribute to homelessness is poverty, gender, and ethnicity. The characteristics of a homeless person can range from someone experience mental issues, someone disabled, or someone having substance abuse issues likes drugs and alcohol, or experiencing domestic violence, or loss of a job or home. Tuberculosis among the homeless population is 46 times higher than the general U.S population. According to Laidman, (2012) “Prevalence ratios for homeless people compared with the general population ranged from 34 to 452 for TB”. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that can be spread in the lungs, lymph nodes, and bloodstream and to any part of an organ in the body. They are two types of tuberculosis which, is active and
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