Homelessness : The Homeless Population

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Seven billion people, that is the number of individuals that fill this vast world and 25 percent are homeless. Homelessness does not just transpire overnight, in poor countries, and to adults. This dire circumstance can develop anywhere: from poverty stricken countries to the wealthiest in the world and to people of any generation. Tragically, 30 percent of the homeless population is comprised of children ("HomeAid."). Government and communities need to work together to develop more solutions to elevate homelessness. Simply stated an individual should not be required to beg in order to survive. To begin to create a picture of homelessness, it is essential to understand this epidemic. Homelessness is the reality of an individual or family living in a populated setting with no place of permanent residence. Furthermore, countless individuals experience homelessness as a result of different situations. Being homeless typically commences with a life altering or bewildering event that an individual unable to rebound from. These events may be an array of factors such as unemployment, violence, death, and untreated physical or mental disorders (“What Is…”). An example of such a life-altering event is a story about Kim. Kim had just lost her partner and both parents. She kept putting on a troublesome smile on the outside, yet the weight of her grief kept holding her down. After this devastation, Kim went numb to the world; she was unable to care about any of her
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