Homer’S, The Iliad, Is An Ancient Greek Poem That Opens

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Homer’s, The Iliad, is an ancient Greek poem that opens up ten years into the Trojan War. The protagonist is Akhilleus, the greatest warrior of the Achaean army. His rage and quarrel with Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae, condemns the Achaean army to catastrophe. The epic poem preludes to the origins of the Trojan War as Paris, prince of Troy, was lured by Aphrodite and broke the Greek Alliance by seducing Helen, wife of King Menelaus, and abducting her to Troy. The book, “Literature of the Western World, Volume I, The Ancient World: Through the Renaissance,” portrays the Greek gods loftier to human beings through their power, beauty and immortality. Contradictory to Yahveh, the Hebrew God, they did not follow a set of principles which …show more content…

However, at the twelfth day Apollo persuades Zeus that, “Akhilleus is to take fine gifts from Priam, and in return give back Prince Hektor’s body” and that Akhilleus should let Hektor’s body be ransomed (601). After that Zeus summons Thetis and asks her to tell Akhilleus to, “Relent, and give back Hektor’s body," and at the same time he sends Iris, rainbow goddess, to Priam (571). Zeus wants Thetis to be in charge of this, so she can kindly explain to Akhilleus to that this is the will of the gods. Akhilleus shows respect and humility to the Gods and is willing to give Hektor’s boy to his father, Priam. This shows that even someone who like Akhilleus a brave warrior is answerable to the gods. Homer shows how some characters like Akhilleus even their self-worth is not important as his respect to the lords. When Hektor finally dies, Homer shows us the melting of the rage of Akhilleus. The burial reflects the values of Greek culture which stress on the importance of a good burial for the souls to rest peacefully (Spark-notes Editors). There is a judgement on the war at the end, because we see that some characters like Paris do not fight and receive scorn for their actions also from their spouses. However, there are other characters such as Akhilleus, who receive praise because they choose to be brave warriors and respectful

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