The Trojan War

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The Trojan War is a somewhat unusual event in Western Civilization, for the simple fact that it is descended from part mythology, and from part history. The war engaged thousands of men besieging the city of Troy, and eventually spawned a number of classic works of literature as well as the lineage of the city and state of Rome as being descended from the largess of the gods (Vergil, 19 B.C). Thus, it is not surprising to find out that the original impetus for the Trojan War began with Olympian gods and goddesses themselves.
As mythology has it, the events that eventually resulted in the Trojan War began when there was a marriage between a sea goddess Thetis and Peleus. This event was well attended by the Olympians, and the goddess of discord and chaos, Eris, was snubbed and not invited to the wedding. Consequently, Eris decided to take revenge by interrupting the ceremonies and tossing out a golden apple that was inscribed 'to the fairest'. The lack of proper nomenclature for the apple made it a target to be sought after by Juno, Athena and Venus, who each claimed to be the fairest and to have ownership of the apple. Zeus decided that he would get Paris, a resident of Troy who was renowned for his beauty, to decide who the fairest was out of this triad.
Each of the goddesses attempted to sway Paris' judgment by tempting him with gifts to influence his decision. Juno, for example, offered the youth unrestrained power, whereas Athena promised him a horde of wealth. Venus,

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